How to get a Byron burger for 25p (and support a good cause)

1 October 2015

25p doesn’t get you much these days. It’s less than half the price of a second class stamp or a bag of crisps and just one penny cheaper than a tin of Tesco Value baked beans.

But next Tuesday (October 6) 25p will get you a whole hamburger from Byron, worth up to £10.95 – and you’ll be doing your bit for charity.

To put that into context, you could buy nine burgers and it would still cost you less than getting to work on the Tube.

The burger chain has teamed up with the One Feeds Two initiative to help provide children in developing countries with school meals, which means that for every burger from the rotating range of specials sold at Byron as of October 7 they will donate the price of a school lunch to those in need, which works out as 25p.

To celebrate the launch of this partnership next Tuesday, they’re offering all their burgers for just 25p for one day only. This 25p will go straight to the cause, so in a way the burgers are free.

To get your hands on a bargain burger all you have to do is sign up to the Byron Burger Clubhere before 9am on Tuesday.

Then get yourself to a Byron and choose your burger. Perhaps a Le Smoky topped with cheddar, bacon, crispy fried onions, pickles and smoked barbecue chilli sauce, or a limited edition Run Rarebit Run featuring vintage cheddar rarebit, English mustard mayonnaise, bacon, pickled cucumber, red onion and shredded iceberg.

Actually, why not have both?

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