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We’re using hunger to end hunger

How it works:

Feel twice as satisfied

Whenever we eat, we’re spoilt for choice.

But what if that choice was simpler, but made us feel even better?

If you buy a meal carrying our logo, we provide a school meal to a child living in poverty.

So if you see our logo in restaurants and supermarket aisles, on your sandwich box or takeaway container, you can feel even better about your choice. Knowing that you’ve done something good, just by making a simple decision.

And when something this simple makes such a big difference, why not do it every single day?

Because imagine if we all did it, every single day?

Why it works:

The movement for happier meals.

Right now giving charitably is an activity in itself – whether you’re fundraising or making a donation.

But by getting a collective of food companies on board with our idea, we’re making charitable giving a part of the daily routine. Something that happens every day – it could even happen every time we eat.

And because we oversee everything, it’s easy for food companies to get involved.

So the more people hear about us, and food companies join us, we can start to completely transform the way we all address child hunger.

We’re creating a new ethical standard – come and join us today.

What your meal does:

Help yourself –it’ll help them, too.


Encourages school

Give a child a square meal at school and they’re more likely to go instead of working or begging for food.


Improves concentration
and health

Hunger wreaks havoc. At best it prevents concentration, at worst, it raises the risk of serious disease. Regular school meals help children stay fit enough to attend school and do better while there.


Raises communities
out of poverty

A literate and numerate person is more likely to find a better job and to make better decisions for their family and their community.