Ways to get involved:

How can I support One Feeds Two?

It is as simple as looking out for our logo. Find the food companies who’ve adopted One Feeds Two and buy any products bearing our logo – you’ll be helping to give a school meal to a child in poverty.

And it’d be great if you could let the shop staff know you’re supporting One Feeds Two – and your friends as well.

Sign up and make instant impact?

Whether you’re the owner or an employee we invite you to sign up your business, small or large, to One Feeds Two and start making an instant impact! Just email us at hello@onefeedstwo.org and we’ll explain how easy it is to adopt One Feeds Two onto your menu or your range of products.

Can we adopt One Feeds Two
in our office or school canteen?

Absolutely. One Feeds Two works brilliantly wherever food is sold. And it’s a great way of getting staff or students to have a tangible impact on an important cause. Please get in touch and we’ll explain how you can adopt One Feeds Two.

Register your support

The bigger the movement the greater the impact. Register your support to help us persuade businesses to sign up to One Feeds Two.


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